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Our Legacy

For over 115 years, our journey has been marked by evolution, consolidation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As a cornerstone of the Arvind Mafatlal Group, our heritage is steeped in resilience and innovation.

A Life Lived With Grace

Stepping into the helm of Mafatlal Industries in 1954, Arvindbhai Mafatlal spearheaded a transformative era for the company founded by his grandfather in 1905. His unparalleled vision and astute leadership propelled the company towards a phase of monumental uplift and expansion, positioning India on the global economic map.
Arvindbhai Mafatlal, a revered industrialist and visionary, epitomized a life of remarkable contributions and grace. His leadership, foresight, and unwavering commitment left an indelible mark on India’s growth narrative post-independence. Leading Mafatlal Industries from 1954, Arvindbhai spearheaded transformative growth, expanding the company’s horizons globally. Beyond economic pursuits, his inclusive vision embraced philanthropy, social progress, and spirituality, shaping a legacy of holistic progress. As a mentor and social visionary, his compassion and wisdom inspired the Mafatlal corporate family, guiding them through challenges with resilience and determination. Arvindbhai’s leadership was marked by a blend of excellence and compassion, instilling optimism and determination within the company. At Mafatlal Industries Limited, we honour his enduring legacy by embodying his values and commitment to progress and compassion. Additionally, Shri Arvindbhai Mafatlal, a distinguished figure in the business world, was recently honoured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a momentous event. In recognition of his remarkable contributions to the industry a commemorative postal stamp was released in his honour. This gesture serves as a testament to shri Arvindbhai Mafatlal’s legacy and the enduring impact he has had on the business landscape of India. His dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to the betterment of the nation make this tribute well-deserved, reflecting the values and vision of a true stalwart in the business world.

Visionary Leadership

Under the stewardship of Mr. Priyavrata Mafatlal, the fifth- generation torchbearer of the Mafatlal family, our ethos of innovation has thrived. His dynamic entrepreneurial spirit had ushered in a culture of forward-­thinking, propelling us towards new horizons.

Corporate Governance & Excellence

A robust corporate governance system and effective board structure serve as our pillars of strength. These elements enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients while upholding the highest standards of integrity and performance.

Innovation for the Future

Despite decades of experience in retail across textiles and other sectors, we remain steadfastly committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our focus is not just on meeting but surpassing the evolving needs of the new generation of India.

Commitment to Customers

At Mafatlal Industries Limited, our commitment to customer remains unwavering. Our journey deeply rooted in the Indian fabric, is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and service excellence.

Aim for the Future

As we step into the future, our resolve remains unshakable—to continue our legacy of innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity. Transitioning today, transforming tomorrow, we are committed to embracing change while staying true to our core values. With a keen eye on emerging trends and customer needs, we strive to redefine success and be the best version of ourselves. These principles have been our guiding light for over a century, and they will continue to drive us forward as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide best in class products and services to our customers across the globe, from every walk and stage in life, for every occasion.

Our Milestones

1905 - 1954
1905: Founder Mr Mafatlal Gagalbhai set up the first textile mill in Ahmedabad, India.
1912 - 1931: He goes on to purchase four more textile mills across Gujarat and Mumbai.
1945 - 1954: The group continues to invest heavily in cotton textile mills and their modernisation, to become the third largest mill owner in India.
1905 - 1954
1954 - 2000
1954: Mr. Arvind Mafatlal, grandson of Mr. Mafatlal Gagalbhai, takes over the reins of the Group.
1955 - 1990: The Group, under the vision of Mr Arvind Mafatlal, starts diversifying into multiple industries like Chemicals, Information Technology, Plastics, Finance, Engineering etc, thus becoming one of India’s early significant conglomerates. The dynamism and pioneership of Mr Arvind Mafatlal led to business partnerships and Joint Ventures with global giants like Shell, Hoechst and Monsanto.
1990 - 2000: His son, Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal takes over the reins of the company and further consolidates the Group’s position in Chemicals, Gas Distribution and Textiles, including an entry into Denim manufacturing with a joint venture with USA’s Burlington Industries.
1954 - 2000
2000 - 2019
We launched uniform manufacturing and home furnishing range. Started Mafatlal healthcare division to cater the healthcare industry. We experienced the sad demise of our Chairman Emeritus Shri Arvind Mafatlal in 2011. We also moved into further capacity expansion and modernization of Nadiad and Navsari units.
2000 - 2019
2019 - 2022
In 2019, Mr. Priyavrata Mafatlal takes over as CEO and MD. We move into supplying non-woven textile products such as disposable masks, gloves, PPE kits, and so on during the pandemic. We also foray into the education technology and services space with our new tech division.
2019 - 2022

Our Certificates

Global Organic Textile Standard

Marks & Spencer Certificate

OCS Certificate

OEKO-TEX Certificate

NEXT Lab Accreditation Certificate

ISO-9001:2015 Nadiad

ISO-14001:2015 Nadiad

CII Membership Certificate

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

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