Prepare tomorrow’s leaders with our meticulously designed uniforms for disciplined school life. As leaders in branded school attire, we offer a diverse range for colleges and institutions, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability. Eco Knits by Mafatlal takes centre stage, blending style with environmental responsibility in durable, eco-friendly options.


We’re committed to providing quality fabrics and garments to various organizations, including Defence and Government establishments. As a leading supplier to uniform fabrics globally, we offer bespoke designs and superior craftmanship to ensure your team’s professional appearance and confidence.


We specialize in crafting fabrics for factory, construction, and shop-floor uniforms, serving various manufacturing sectors. Our tailored designs, including cotton, polyester-cotton, denim, and polyester viscose options, ensure both durability and comfort for your workforce.


We deliver hospital uniforms blending comfort, durability, and style, using premium fabrics, which come in specialised Hexarel Technology having the following attributes to the fabric, as listed below:
1. Moisture-wicking
2. Cool To Touch
3. UPF Sun Protection
4. Anti Odour
5. Anti-Viral & Anti-Fungal
6. Anti – Static

Whether it’s a single healthcare clinic or a nationwide hospital chain, our UniChoice brand offers tailored designs to meet specific institutional needs, all within budget. Additionally, UniChoice provides lint-free, antistatic pharmaceutical uniforms and protective gear for employee safety and infection risk reduction.

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