Technology Division

A legacy that dates back to 1905, Mafatlal Industries is a blend of traditional values and modern technology, triumphing over volatile market dynamics. We have now started our new venture by the name of Mafatlal Technologies.

Mafatlal Technology Division

At Mafatlal Industries, we are proud of so much that we have already accomplished. We have triumphed over volatile market dynamics, and we continue to thrive under every condition. Technology has played a big part in our success so far, and we are confident it’ll continue to shape our future. Therefore, it only makes sense to step into the midst of it all and start our new venture by the name of Mafatlal Technologies.

We are a team of young, dynamic, technologically adept, creative minds. Our goal is to make our clients happy with the most modern technology and reduce their workload with right-fit automatons. Through our long commitment to understanding the technology and the needs of the people, we provide our customers with a vast range of interactive digital panels, digital teaching devices, video walls, digital podiums, and display standees and interactive whiteboards, among other tools, for the classroom, corporate and government uses.

Our vision is to offer superior products, solutions, and services to our customers and channel partners. We want to achieve this by meeting our customer’s requirements within delivery timelines at extremely competitive prices.

Our product range comprises of School Solutions, B2B Solutions hardware and Security Surveillance.
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